Nappie Goods


Nappie by Nature


What is Nappie Goods?

We are a local baked goods company that began in Washington DC. The founders of Nappie created the company because of their desire to bring wholesome, delicious desserts into the casual food scene. In their opinion, most retail baked goods have too many additives, are inconvenient for carrying, and are absolutely too sweet. They're literally killing us. So, while living in the UK, one of the founders discovered the recipe for a nut-based apple pie in the kitchen of a beautiful, sweet Ghanaian woman. This recipe became our signature product: the Nappie. From this simple start, we have branched out to feature a whole host of pies filled with local, seasonal fruits.



What is a Nappie?

A cupcake sized pie with a nut-based crust.


Our Values

We focus on three essential values the clean, the authentic, and the local. 


Clean: We use the finest, most simple ingredients and keep our process simple.


Authentic: We are a real company. No gimmicks. No stunts.


Local: We believe that people should know where there food comes from. If you want to know, just ask. Nappie supports local farmers and producers.




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